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[fetished designs]
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Welcome, I'm El your moderator/owner/designer/etc. Here on LJ I'm otherwise known as mansruin, formerly indistinct & obscenity_. I created this to display and share my graphics; made generally for livejournal use. Alot of the time I go through periods of hating everything I create, but when I create something, I know it's more than likely going to just sit on my computer. That's where you come in, see I post them here, and you (abiding by my rules of course) use them on your livejournal. This is not a request community, and if I'm planning on taking requests, I'll post about it. If I'm not taking requests in this community you can head over to mothicons, or critically where I take also requests. You should check them out, lots of great makers. ANDDDD just because I love her, check out neon_trash, injection's graphic community. Now, that said. Enjoy.

They're easy, just follow them, please. I don't like to be a cunt. ok that's a lie
o1. Everything you take from here deserves credit. If you don't credit, I will BAN you from the community. Forever and ever. No exceptions. If you take an icon, credit to fixations or fetished goes in your icon keywords. I can settle for the next line, the description or whatever it is. AS LONG AS IT SHOWS UP ON YOUR ICON PAGE. If you take a header, a friends only banner, info bars, a layout, a background... basiclly anything that isn't an icon, credit goes in your userinfo page. It's not hard, and I've spelled it out for you, don't be a fucking jackass.
o2. Don't hotlink my shit? Come on guys. If it's on my photobucket I don't REALLY care; but I pay up to a little asian kid in California to get my hosting, and fucktards like you are just wasting my money. Go to photobucket.com, tinypic.com, wtfever. I don't care, there's lots of free hosting places. If you hotlink from my website {in-lust.net} I WILL find out. And I'll replace your picture with tubgirl, and then people will think you're a sick freak. Just don't do it.
o3. If you take something I've posted, comment on the entry and let me know. Don't think that just because you don't comment I'll never find out. I just want to see what you're using them for, I like to see my stuff on people's journals and I don't care how long ago I posted it. It's not asking much.
o4. Don't EVER, EVER, and I mean EVER edit my graphics. If you want to put your screenname or w/e on it, ask me first. Either I'll do it for you, or I'll give you permission.

Thats about it, don't make me add more, I'm lazy.

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photo used in the layout & info by David LaChapelle